Our Consultation Services

Consultation service

An initial consultation with one of our practitioners to discuss your family's health concerns and objectives and give you access to our practitioner only range.
  • Price$99.00

All our products can be purchased with a script from your healthcare practitioner.

If you don’t have a script, our practitioners can provide a consultation either in person if you are in Sydney, or using a video conferencing technology (such as Skype).

All of our healthcare practitioners are experts in both treatment and prevention. The treatment of symptoms is often referred to as conventional medicine, while prevention is often associated with natural (or complementary) medicine. To optimise your health and wellbeing, it is sometimes necessary to complement your medications with natural, evidence-based, products.

At XeniQ, we have carefully selected the products we offer on our website. Most of these products are practitioner only, which, as the name implies, are restricted to healthcare practitioners. These products are manufactured to a very high standard, with the best quality ingredients available. By law, these products can only be prescribed and dispensed by a healthcare practitioner following a consultation.

During the consultation, our practitioner will go through your medical history and health objectives (during the initial consultation), answer questions you may have about your current health conditions, make recommendations (where appropriate) for natural medicines and answer any questions you may have about our products.

While all our practitioners are very experienced, in some cases, we might refer you to specialists who will be able to better assist you.

You can choose between a consultation for you (or for a friend as a gift) or your family.

If you prefer to have frequent consultations and contacts with our practitioners, you may want to consider our [VIP Health Memberships]. Hyperlink to relevant page.

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