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Thompson's One-A-Day AstaMax Antioxidant 30 Capsules


Powerful free radical scavenger that supports general wellbeing.

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- Formulated using natural Astaxanthin, an all round super antioxidant which helps to:
- Protect the skin against UV radiation from sunlight
- Improve the overall condition of the skin by improving the appearance of fine wrinkles, elasticity and moisture content
- Protect against skin ageing by shielding cells from oxidative damage
- Support healthy eye function and assist with visual fatigue and eye strain
- Maintain a healthy immune system.

Suitable For

- Individuals seeking an all round super antioxidant
- Those frequently exposed to sunlight and wanting further protection for their skin against UV radiation
- Individuals wanting to improve the overall condition of their skin
- Those wanting to protect against skin ageing
- Those suffering from or prone to visual fatigue and eye strain and wanting to support the healthy functioning of their eyes
- Those wanting to support their immune system.

Each capsule contains:

Astaxanthin (as esters extracted from Haematococcus Pluvialis) 6 mg

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