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Medlab Products Available in Australia

Medlab is a public listed company (ASX:MDC) based in Sydney, Australia. Medlab has a purpose build biological research facility, specialising in the development of novel therapeutics from bacteria. They have a focus on improving health outcomes in early stages of chronic diseases such as obesity, and their research team is at the forefront in bio-therapeutic discovers.

Thanks to the contractual agreement between XeniQ and MedLab, their range of medical and probiotic products are available to buy from anywhere in Australia.

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When you register with XeniQ, our experienced health practitioners will assess your medical situation and advise if MedLab’s products are right for you. Their range of biological medicines have a focus on the healthy functioning of the gut, which is considered to be the source of many chronic health problems.

They specialise in providing non-opioid forms of pain management, treating early stages of depression, managing obesity and tackling musculoskeletal loss that is most commonly associated with the aging process. 


For the very latest in Biomedicine 

Medlab Clinical Ltd (Medlab) was founded in June 2012 by Sean Hall when he sold his family's company FIT-BioCeuticals Limited to Blackmores Limited.

As a company and research laboratory, Medlab strives to be on the forefront in bacteria and biotic research, and to be on the cutting edge in the development and delivering of medical products via nanoparticles to allow them to be quickly absorbed by patients. They are dedicated to creating the very best biological medicine that money can buy, and the MedLab range available online is a testament to their holistic and comprehensive approach to medicine, health and wellbeing.

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